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Springwood business aims for constant innovation

Even after 12 years, business owner Jeremy McLean considers that he is still running a start-up. “You are innovating the whole time,” said the founder and now sole owner of GPSengine, which offers GPS tracking products primarily for vehicles.

I’m ready to scale my startup – what do I need to know?

Your big idea has become a reality: you’ve secured investors, you’re in production, and your customer base is growing. It’s all happening quickly, and you don’t want to lose momentum. Is it time to scale?

Cities provide support to entrepreneurs 

New innovation hubs are popping up across Australia and local governments are getting involved as they can be a key contributor in innovation ecosystems, particularly in regional areas.  Innovation hubs, like the one destined for Logan, provide functions in an innovation ecosystem, including access to networks, mentoring, skills development, technical infrastructure, community, and physical work spaces. 

Substation33 leads the way in innovation

Innovation is not just a catchphrase but a way of life at Logan social enterprise Substation33.  Over the past five years, the Substation33 team and its volunteers have lived and breathed innovation, coming up with many practical ways to take unwanted electronic waste and repurpose it while also providing hands-on training and employment opportunities. 

Logan startup transforms gardens

A collaboration between two innovative Logan businesses is breathing new life into a trendy garden item.  Space Plants Pty Ltd founder Shane Sadkowsky has been working with Logan social enterprise Substation 33 to use their recycled products to transform vertical gardens into self-sufficient systems. 

Sisters are doing it for themselves – together! 

Brilliant ideas for social innovation don’t always come at a time in life when you have the cash, time and resources to pursue them. It can be even more challenging to get a startup off the ground if English isn’t your first language, you’re a single parent or you have a disability. For women especially, one or more of these circumstances can insurmountable.  

Making Learning Easy

Becoming the most used source for professional learning in the world by 2020 is the goal that one young Logan business has set itself, and it is fast proving it has the credentials to achieve it. is a tech start-up established by Vu Tran, Chris Hood, Andrew Barnes and Chris Eigeland in 2015 to create one of the top online learning platforms in Australia.

Logan’s war on waste

When it comes to the war on waste, INNOV8 Logan thinks we’re doing some great things in the City of Logan – and the next generation is leading the way.