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Logan physiotherapist improving the health of patients lungs worldwide

Logan local Kathryn Potter has been helping the people of Logan for over 10 years as a physiotherapist and passionate public health professional. During her time working in the hospitals with patients suffering with breathing and respiratory problems, she was driven by frustration of her patients based on the antiquated techniques and tools that were being used to help them remove secretions and improve their breathing.

Ten social media tips for your new business

Social media has quickly progressed from being a nice-to-have and become an essential marketing tool for every new business.  When you’re a founder, managing social media adds to your workload. Being the boss in 2019 means bossing your social channels, so here are ten tips for social media management that respect your time as the business owner.

Taking on global tech from Logan

Starting from humble beginnings in a small Logan office, Trakpro had a vision to create a vehicle/fleet management system that was easy to use and available for any size business. They were quickly able to reach this goal and have been able to grow from a three-person team into a global company with offices in several countries, and partners across the whole oceanic region. As they grow, so does their technology, which has set them on a new entrepreneurial endeavour to solve a major societal issue which affects all of us at some point. The current problem the Trakpro team are now driving hard to solve is fatigue management and distracted driving, which is a big problem since it is the number one cause of accidents on our roads.

Everyone can build a website

Back in the day, if you wanted a website for your business, it was a whole thing. It wasn’t just an expensive exercise; you need a whole team of experts trained in the dark arts to bring your vision to life. There would be several meetings with a cast of thousands – designers, coders and system administrators to set-up the hosting. Even a simple website would cost a few thousand dollars. However, in recent years that has all changed, now every small business owner can build a beautiful website that converts — even you.

The feminine revolution is happening

The feminine revolution is happening, and it’s starting here in Logan. Stacey Ross is the visionary behind this revolution and her passion is driven by her desire to support and empower women and their families. As the CEO for The Centre For Women & Co, Stacey has been a part of helping over 150,000 women liberate themselves from the hands of domestic violence and negative social issues with their wellbeing services. Despite having such a huge impact on her community, Stacey could see a need that extended beyond the boundaries of Logan, and this is when the innovative idea for ‘Her Platform’ was born.

Blogging your way to success – create expertise and drive business through free publishing

Blogging is a superpower! Some people wish for invisibility. Some want to fly. But away from the Marvel and DC universes, lies a superpower we can all harness – blogging. Hear me out! More than a public diary, a professional blog can be a fantastic communication vehicle for you and your cause. There’s a way to make your articles and blogs professional while still injecting your unique personality.

Creating therapy in a fun environment

Let us introduce you to Logan local, and serial innovator Dave Ingerson. Dave’s most recent innovation journey started a few years ago after his daughter Tara was required to undergo a heavy regime of physical therapy from a series of leg operations.

Your origin story – Tell the story of why you do what you do

Why are you doing this? You know the type. Confident. Passionate. Super-into what they do. It’s like they are being driven by a greater force, and we just know they are going to succeed.