The feminine revolution is happening

The feminine revolution is happening

The feminine revolution is happening, and it’s starting here in Logan. Stacey Ross is the visionary behind this revolution and her passion is driven by her desire to support and empower women and their families. As the CEO for The Centre For Women & Co, Stacey has been a part of helping over 150,000 women liberate themselves from the hands of domestic violence and negative social issues with their wellbeing services. Despite having such a huge impact on her community, Stacey could see a need that extended beyond the boundaries of Logan, and this is when the innovative idea for ‘Her Platform’ was born.

Her Platform is an online school and community that is on a mission to empower women to overcome life challenges, create deep and meaningful connections, and develop a powerful and educated mindset. The specialist programs designed in Her Platform range from domestic and family violence support, mental health and holistic wellbeing, employment preparation and financial literacy. Created and delivered by industry leading professionals, these classes are available in quick bitesize learnings or 90-minute masterclasses for women of all ages. Her Platform also combats the huge social issue of women’s isolation with their online community.

The community built into ‘Her Platform’ is a space for women to have their say and to be heard. “It’s a platform of hope, empowerment and respect.” Within the community there is no topic too small or too big for discussion, from self-care to self-harm, from depression to gratitude, from eating disorders to self-love, from loneliness to connection. If Her Platform didn’t already sound good enough, they also give 100% of their profits back to women in need.

Her Platform is a social enterprise with the mission to improve women’s lives, and not only are they accomplishing this goal through their masterclasses, e-books and other wealth and wellness tools and resources on the platform, but they also give 100% of their profits back to supporting women experiencing difficulties. These funds go to three areas:

  1. Free counselling sessions for women experiencing trauma, grief, domestic violence and mental illness.
  2. Free wellness programs to educate women and families about holistic health.
  3. Free workshops on confidence building and financial literacy.

And if that wasn’t enough, for every subscription purchased on Her Platform, they give away a subscription to a woman who needs the help and teachings found in the platform but cannot afford it.

Despite having launched only a few weeks ago, ‘Her Platform’ has been received with overwhelming positivity, seeing subscriptions from all over Australia and even reaching international borders with enthusiastic members signing up in South East Asia. Stacey says that this is a great sign, but it also exposes the unfortunate need that women have for the Platform. Stacey says that she wants to “put Her Platform out of business”, a statement that reveals the heart and passion she has to eradicate women’s suffering from the world.

Here are some words from members who have used the programs:

“There is hope. Even from debt, marriage breakup, unemployment and abuse. After doing this course I’m feeling more empowered. I know my situation will get better. I can take control, be responsible for myself and teach my children healthy habits with money.” Alison


“I was at rock bottom at the beginning of the year and now I feel like a new person.” Jen


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