Ten social media tips for your new business

Ten social media tips for your new business

Written by: Gerard Doyle, Fractal – The Startup Marketing Agency

About Fractal: To help startups realise their potential and create a more efficient world.

Social media has quickly progressed from being a nice-to-have and become an essential marketing tool for every new business.  

When you’re a founder, managing social media adds to your workload. Being the boss in 2019 means bossing your social channels, so here are ten tips for social media management that respect your time as the business owner.  

#1 It’s better to be good at one social channel than average at all of them. Your time is limited, and spreading yourself across the myriad of social platforms but being mediocre on all is a waste of your time. Pick one channel and nail it. Picking one channel also means you can remove redundant social links from your website.

#2 Choose quality over quantity. With so much pointless content posted daily, you needn’t add to the noise. It’s better to produce one piece of material which adds value, than five which constitute ‘me too’ content.

#3 It’s not all about you. People don’t want to read about you, and they certainly don’t want to hear about your business. When you post content on social media, imagine you’re disengaged from your brand and ask yourself, “Why do I care about this?” Too many business owners post about themselves.  

#4 Frequency is platform dependent. If Twitter is your platform of choice, you should expect to post three or four times a day. If you elect for Facebook, a daily post is probably sufficient. If you go down the LinkedIn or podcast route, weekly is more the norm.  

#5 Be the person who listens. Imagine a crowded room where everyone has their hands over their ears, shouting over one another; this is a great visual for social media. Everyone’s talking, but nobody’s listening. Take the time to listen and respond to people on social media; it’s the quickest way to build engagement. 

#6 Engagement is rocket fuel for social, and it’s the single most important metric on which to focus. It’s what social platforms monitor most and indicates you have an audience responding to your content. Social media is, well, social.  

#7 Mute your trolls. Social media comes with one side effect that drives business owners crazy — the negative comments, especially the ones that add no value in any way. The best approach here is not to engage or remove, but rather to mute the offending remark. Hiding limits visibility to the commenter and their direct contacts. Nothing enrages a troll more than having their comments deleted.  

#8 More followers ≠ credibility. Don’t sweat the numbers, focus on point six above, and build a substantial following. If the figures still cause you to worry, remember what’s important. The ratio of engagement to followers has a significant impact on social media reach. One hundred thousand disengaged followers – coupled with a post which receives only a handful of likes – is a negative signal to any social platform.

#9 Re-use your posts on social. We live in a media world where people just read the headlines. When you produce a brilliant piece of long-form content, consider re-posting or re-purposing the material, with different headlines or quotes.  

#10 Social Proof. There’s a very evident herd mentality on social media, posts that already have comments are more likely to receive more. If some of your posts are getting engagement, these are the ones to double down on and boost for further reach.  

So, while social media is impossible to ignore, above are some easy ways to make it work for your business while reducing your workload and stress. Remember to have fun with it! 

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