Springwood business aims for constant innovation

Springwood business aims for constant innovation

Even after 12 years, business owner Jeremy McLean considers that he is still running a start-up.

“You are innovating the whole time,” said the founder and now sole owner of GPSengine, which offers GPS tracking products primarily for vehicles.

“In the last three months we have launched three new items including a tag on and tag off system for drivers, the Vylio platform to drive that, as well as a G-force logging system which shows how a vehicle is being driven, not just where.”

Mr McLean said Vylio.com allowed people to track their vehicles and it was offered free for personal use.

“It provides users with real time tracking online 24/7 and a seven-day history report for up to three devices on one account,” he said.


“You can view your device activity and journeys on interactive maps.

“It shows every information for every journey including start and finish times, speed, stop duration and ignition on or off.  It can also be customised by a user to capture particular information.

“There are no restrictions on the usage and no limited time frames apply to the service being free.

“We simply want to see as many people take advantage of this revolutionary product as possible.”

Customers looking for more devices and features could tap into upgrade plans which catered for small to large commercial needs.

Mr McLean said the system offered many benefits.

“Some of the applications include allowing parents to monitor the activities of a learner driver and having peace of mind that your precious cargo is safe and lets you know where your family members are in an emergency.

“It also assists with the location of your vehicle if it is ever stolen and you can even set the system up so the vehicle can be remotely disabled if necessary.

“It also allows the vehicle owner to track mileage and keep records of personal versus business mileage.”

Mr McLean said GPSengine’s products were available to everyone from single consumers up to businesses.

“We are currently rolling out 2600 vehicles at the one time.”

Mr McLean said he believed that there were some essential elements for new businesses to consider.

“Surrounding yourself with good knowledgeable people is crucial,” he said.

“You don’t know what you don’t know so surround yourself with good people such as a good accountant and lawyer and mentors.

“It is also important that these people have an affinity with what you are doing.”

Mr McLean’s second piece of advice for new businesses was to remember that a product was not a business.

“It is a vehicle for you to build your business around,” he said.

“There is so much for you to know and understand besides just the product like sales and marketing and legal and government requirements.”

GSPengine was established in 2007 in New Zealand and made the trans-Tasman shift to Australia in 2011 and moved to the Logan area just four years ago locating themselves on Murrajong Rd, Springwood.

“We didn’t want to be in the city. Here our customers can park right at our front door.”

Mr McLean said GPSengine also had the hardware for its tracking units built locally in Brisbane.

After a hectic year of development and product implementation in 2018, Mr McLean said he planned to focus on sales and marketing in 2019.

“For the last three years we have been focused on the development of new products.”

Mr McLean said the business was also looking at the functionality of the new 4G networks and the opportunities they presented.

As well as offering ready-made solutions from their own product line, GPSengine can also offer custom GPS tracking solutions for customers looking for a unique solution for their particular needs and are happy to talk about what they can provide.

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