Logan start-up establishes online connection

Logan start-up establishes online connection

Two years ago, Logan businessman Zak Iqbal identified a gap in a particular marketplace and moved to fill it. 

Using his industry experience, he established the start-up Stocr and began acting as a conduit between farmers and growers and their supply chain. 

Traditionally if farmers and growers had wanted to buy anything in the past, they had to do this through a rural shop or agent. 

“Through Stocr we are taking this relationship online and offering them a solution which allows them to put their needs on a platform,” Mr Iqbal said. 

“Stocr is farm input purchasing made easy as we obtain competitive quotes from trusted businesses for our clients.” 

Stocr is 100 percent free to use and can source suppliers across Australia. 

“We have a dedicated team which can help our customers to find what they need and source products at no cost,” Mr Iqbal said. 

“We allow growers and farmers to obtain quotes in one place and offer simple checklists to ensure all quotes match their needs. 

“You can access your quote history and monitor supplier responses in real time.” 

Mr Iqbal said the business was opening up options in different industries for its clients. 

“We are creating new markets for them to use and giving them the chance to extend their reach.” 

Mr Iqbal said he had worked in the industry for the past 15 years and used to be an orchard grower himself, producing  mangoes and berries in New South Wales. 

“I saw a need for trying to obtain the best price/deal for all growers and farmers and the end result is Stocr.” 

To find out more about Stocr visit https://stocr.com/

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