Jimboomba firm heading for space

Jimboomba firm heading for space

A Jimboomba firm made a bang over South-East Queensland on 21 November as it hosted the event of a lifetime. 

Australia had its first ever rocket launch with a commercial payload, which reached the lower limits of the earth’s atmosphere, thanks to Logan company Black Sky Aerospace (BSA), which opened its doors earlier this year. 

The launch took place on a private property in Westmar, one hour north-west of Goondiwindi, which is Australia’s only commercial sub-orbital launch site. 

It was a test run to showcase the future of aerospace capabilities and pave the way forward for space technology to collect data for industries such as mining, farming and communications.    

Olympic champion Duncan Armstrong OAM hosted the launch with BSA’s strategic partners also in attendance demonstrating manufacturing and other collaborations. 

BSA specialises in payload delivery systems through propulsion systems and vehicles that provides access to calibration and simulation systems that redefines the way traditional data is acquired. 

BSA’s Director of Operations Blake Nikolic said this was the first commercial launch in Australia using a sub scale prototype of BSA’s Rapid Deployment Sounding Rocket. 

Mr Nikolic said there were many benefits for Australia launching its own rockets. 

“It allows us to channel revenue into local supply chains, it eases international regulatory burdens and decreases turnaround times,” he said. 

“With a global market worth US$360 billion seeing exponential growth, Australia will naturally benefit from companies like BSA supporting the ever-growing satellite market and beyond. 

“This proves that this technology is accessible in Queensland and there is plenty of potential for growth in this area.”  

The payload included three commercial sensor packages from Hypersonix, the Australian Centre for Space Engineering Research (ACSER) and Dekunu Technologies. 

Simply put, a multi-billion-dollar satellite no longer needs to be sent into space to collect data on a farmer’s crops for example any more.  

The successful launch of the Sighter190 subscale sounding rocket makes space and satellite accessibility much more affordable and sustainable for small and medium sized business.   

Supporting the first ever rocket launch with a commercial payload is the University of Queensland and Hypersonix founder Professor Michael Smart, who is part of the team supplying a carboncomposite panel for the launch payload, with sensors embedded in it to measure temperature during the flight.  

“This flight will further cement the University’s strong presence in hypersonics and demonstrate our ability to manufacture flight ready carbon composite components,” Professor Smart said. 

This is another great example of the innovative companies and work being done in the City of Logan. 

To find out more about the amazing work that Black Sky Aerospace are doing visit https://bsaero.space/ 

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