Business of Entrepreneurship Program

Business of Entrepreneurship Program

Thanks to Advance Queensland more early stage, high growth startups and scaleups throughout Queensland will have access to BDO’s Business of Entrepreneurship Program. This program provides startup founders with financial education and business tools to ensure the long-term viability of their business model and financial strategies.

BDO will deliver two virtual financial education programs and four face-to-face programs throughout Queensland:

  • Start to Scale is a virtual two day program for startups and scaleups who have seen significant growth in the last six months.
  • Runway Extender is a virtual two day program for startups who want a tool to calculate their cash position and strategies to stretch and extend their runway.
  • Acceler8or is a face to face two day program for startups who want to validate their revenue model, build a financial strategy, calculate required funding and create a cash flow forecast to support their growth. This program will be delivered in Cairns, Mackay and Brisbane.

“I attended both the Start to Scale and the Runway Extender program with BDO for Startups in 2020. I believe hands down; it is the most beneficial program in the startup ecosystem in Queensland right now.  It’s helped turn us from a struggling startup to a profitable company. I’d highly recommend this to anyone who is on their startup journey. ” Jake Baird abodable.

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