Amanda Hayman leading the way for Indigenous entrepreneurs in Logan

Amanda Hayman leading the way for Indigenous entrepreneurs in Logan

In 2018, Logan born Indigenous woman, Amanda Hayman, decided it was time to follow her entrepreneurial spirit and embark on a journey that married her passion for art with her love for community, and Blaklash Projects was born.

Blaklash Projects is a 100% Indigenous owned business which delivers cultural events and creative projects, showcasing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander voices. The team combines their interest in the arts and business development to support young Indigenous entrepreneurs to share their stories and create profitable businesses.

I work with artists and the community to showcase indigenous stories and I guess in turn thats about educating the wider public about our history and truths.” -Amanda Hayman.

Amandas passion for empowering Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander entrepreneurs is contagious and this is seen in her company commitments. Blaklash is committed to creating economic opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses, by providing platforms for the non-Indigenous community to experience Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture. From large community events to her retail store found in the heart of West End, Amanda is pushing hard to ensure the art, stories and culture of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are being heard all across the country. 

I would love to see more aboriginal business coming out of Logan, we have the skills and ability. Its really great to see motivated businesses and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses creating their own destiny.” -Amanda Hayman.

Amanda comments that although it is going well, it is a lot of hard work and they still have a lot of big goals that are striving to achieve. She says that her collaborative approach to business, which is a strength found in many Aboriginal business owners, has been the key to her success so far and recommends that anyone else looking to innovate should focus on connecting with people.

The advice I would give to anyone in Logan who would love to innovate, make sure you go out and meet people, make a conscious decision to go and have a coffee with people you admire and look up to. 

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