Utilising technology in your business – Master Workshop Series

Utilising technology in your business – Master Workshop Series


Event Start: Wed, Mar 6, 2019, 9:30AM

Event End: Wed, Mar 27, 2019, 11:30AM

Event Details:

Get With The Program – https://www.loed.com.au/home/events/events/utilising-technology-in-your-business-master-workshop-series

This workshop aims to assist:

Do we really need to ‘Get With The Program?’ – The importance of technology and the role of automation in business, how technology and business systems can maximise productivity, improve efficiency and reduce waste. How to leverage technology in your business (Sales, Administration / Management, Customer Service, Warehouse, Marketing /Advertising, Accounting) and develop your business workflow process.
Get With The Program by ‘Getting With The Data!’- How technology will give you the data you need – even if you don’t know it! How you can use this data to substantially grow your business through Customers (Retention, Value, Outreach), Staff (Utilisation Rates, Overhead Costs, Performance), Marketing (Source, Value), Quote (Conversion & Value), Inventory (On hand, Stock Value), Suppliers (Value, Goods) and Compliance.
But How Do I ‘Get With The Program’? – Review business workflow processes and determine which tasks of your business could be streamlined, what to consider when considering technology in your business and understanding the process (identify, analyse, configure, streamline, transform, optimise).
‘Get With The Program’ & Watch The $$’s Flow – What are the key elements you need to consider in determining technology solutions for your business
The purpose of this workshop is to understand:

The importance of technology in business (and how you can run your business on the go!)
How technology can improve efficiency, maximise productivity and decrease waste
How to automate those mundane tasks while leveraging technology in your business
The importance of data and real-time analytics to monitor your performance – this will make or break you!
How and what to consider when looking at technology solutions
How technology can create add more dollars to your bottom line.
The workshop will provide practical advice and skills so you can determine your needs, assess your requirements and implement the right technology for your business.

Presenter Bio: Tiffany English
Tiffany English has been successfully implementing and utilising technology within business for almost 15 years. With a key eye for identifying waste and lost productivity, Tiffany founded Modus Operandi, a local consultancy, committed to offering complete business improvement. With a number of Business Degrees and an MBA under her belt, Tiffany has the practical and theoretical knowledge to help business owners understand the importance of technology and help take their business to the next level.

Modus Operandi works with small to medium businesses to offer a complete business improvement. Realising the importance of technology, we work with businesses to identify the areas in which they lack and the key areas where they can improve. By observing and analysing the ways, habits and methods in which businesses work, we identify their Modus Operandi. Through process re-engineering, we recommend bespoke solutions for unique needs, implementing the right systems, processes and procedures that will streamline and simplify the business.

Dates: Wednesdays in March (6th, 13th, 20th, 27th) 2019

Time: 9.30am – 11.30am

Cost: $198.00 (incl. 4 x sessions)

Catering: Light refreshments

Ideal for Small / Established Businesses
This series of workshops is designed to help small and established businesses looking to take the next step.